It’s crunch time!!

Well, our Qualifier is coming up on Saturday, January 24th at Arlington High School!

It’s go big or go home time!!  We have to win one of the top awards (like Inspire) in order to move forward to the State Championships.  I know we can do it!

The harvester is 100% complete.  The drivetrain is 90% complete.  The arm is 50% complete.  We have 2 complete autonomous modes, plus 2 more in development.  Our video is due 1/10 and is almost done.


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EVERYTHING for your information!


  • we now have a strategy and a drivetrain
  • final call for brainstorm ideas is this coming Sunday , 11/2: strategy, sensors, autonomous, intake, store, deliver


  • We have now switched to Wednesdays 6:30-9:00 and Sundays 3:30-6:00 UOS (unless otherwise specified)
  • the calendar is available on this website – I’ll try my best to keep it updated
  • this Wednesday (10/29) is “Creo for Idiots” – we will be walking through a selection of the 12 lessons included in “How to Model Almost Anything”; by MIGHTY time! we will be able to model a 3D part, and (2) assemblies: a Tetrix assembly of real parts and a prototype assembly

Fundraisers: something for EVERYONE!

  • NOW: cool socks – see attached flyer; the first order sold out in a week – order yours NOW!

AREA socks

  • Monday, November 3, ALL DAY: eat @ EB’s (385 Walnut St. Ext.) – a portion of all profits go to Agawam Robotics!

2014.11.03 EB's dinner

  • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 4:30-7:30: THIS IS THE BIG ONE!, a sumptuous ziti dinner prepared by Mrs. Cameron and others @ Agawam Congregational Church, 745 Main St. – tickets and posters have been distributed; sell, sell, sell!
  • SPONSORS: final sponsor list is due at the end of November in order to get on the shorts in time – do it now!  (BTW, the other Agawam FTC team has already gotten 3 new sponsors – what about MIGHTY??)


  • search YouTube, Tetrix, LEGO, chiefdelphi, google/bing for robot ideas
    • thanks to Mr. Snow, here are 2 YouTube videos to get you started on your search:
  • research your Community Outreach project


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The 2015 season is coming!  The game unveil is on Saturday, September 6 at noonish.  See the website  for the video.

The Agawam FTC Kick-Off (both teams) will be on Tuesday, September 9 (don’t forget to vote!) from 6:30-8:39 at Agawam Public Library in the large conference room.  Parents are required to attend with the student member.

See all y’all then!

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