EVERYTHING for your information!


  • we now have a strategy and a drivetrain
  • final call for brainstorm ideas is this coming Sunday¬†, 11/2: strategy, sensors, autonomous, intake, store, deliver


  • We have now switched to Wednesdays 6:30-9:00 and Sundays 3:30-6:00 UOS (unless otherwise specified)
  • the calendar is available on this website – I’ll try my best to keep it updated
  • this Wednesday (10/29) is “Creo for Idiots” – we will be walking through a selection of the 12 lessons included in “How to Model Almost Anything”; by MIGHTY time! we will be able to model a 3D part, and (2) assemblies: a Tetrix assembly of real parts and a prototype assembly

Fundraisers: something for EVERYONE!

  • NOW: cool socks – see attached flyer; the first order sold out in a week – order yours NOW!

AREA socks

  • Monday, November 3, ALL DAY: eat @ EB’s (385 Walnut St. Ext.) – a portion of all profits go to Agawam Robotics!

2014.11.03 EB's dinner

  • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER¬†7, 4:30-7:30: THIS IS THE BIG ONE!, a sumptuous ziti dinner prepared by Mrs. Cameron and others @ Agawam Congregational Church, 745 Main St. – tickets and posters have been distributed; sell, sell, sell!
  • SPONSORS: final sponsor list is due at the end of November in order to get on the shorts in time – do it now! ¬†(BTW, the other Agawam FTC team has already gotten 3 new sponsors – what about MIGHTY??)


  • search YouTube, Tetrix, LEGO, chiefdelphi, google/bing for robot ideas
    • thanks to Mr. Snow, here are 2 YouTube videos to get you started on your search:
      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-eT2WtyBzk
      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhRBGX27jU4
  • research your Community Outreach project


  • 2014.11.03 EB's dinner
  • AREA socks
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