League Meet #1 coming soon!

Well, I’ve been remiss in updating this blog.

We had a very successful Kick Off and are in the middle of Build Season fever.

We showed up at our Scrimmage this past Saturday with a rolling chassis and a teleop program.  Nice job Drivetrain and Programming!

So, we have a working drivetrain with our super-secret hypertraction wheels.  We will be mounting our “stealth-fighter” passive plow accessory.  We are working on a simple 1[or 2??]-degree-of-freedom point-scoring active accessory.  We are developing our simple driving autonomous program. And we’ll have our 1st draft of our Engineering Notebook ready.

We’ll be competing on Saturday, November 21st from 12:30-4:30PM at UNH in Manchester, NH.

Wish us luck, and thank you to all our sponsors!  [I’ll get y’all added to the webpage sometime soon.]

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